How to use this blog

What is a Blog?
If you are new to blogs, you need to know that it is like a diary except that my latest post is last and the first one would be at the end. You can read through the blogs in order or you can sift through the archives to find an article of interest.

Blogging is really a two-way conversation. When I post here you read it and then you can comment or email about it. Blogs are really about the communication. I would love to hear about what you have to say – we all started this way too.

What is RSS?
It is easy to lose track of sites where you want to read more. RSS has been invented to allow you to subscribe to a blog. You can sign up for RSS feeds which let you know when a new blog post has been written. If you are confused or need help, please feel free to email me.

How to comment…
What makes a blog better than a diary is that a blog allows you to comment on what the blogger has written. To comment on a particular post:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the post you want to comment on and click on the link to "comments."
2. Scroll to the bottom where it says "Post a comment."
3. Enter in the fields that are shown. This blog allows anonymous comments too.
4. Write your comment in the box and then click on preview if you want to see your comment or on Post if you want to post right away.
5. As this blog is for my learning and hopefully that of others, we need to remember to be civil in our discussions. I reserve the right to moderate comments. If there is a problem, I will remove a comment.
6. Let me know if something happened while commenting.