Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sometimes you need to step back...

...and look at how it is going. I am too bust, I keep adding more to my plate. Maybe I should say balls in the air. As long as none of them drops, then I am doing well, right?

Well, now I am thinking. Hy husband has high cholesterol and now some serious side effects from the statins he is on. His chest pain makes me think of how stress can take its toll and sneak up on you pretty quick. My 43rd birthday is also Monday.

You must know that I enter the holiday season with a list. After all I can get a lot done during the break and I plan on this. This season is no exception, but I have had to rewrite my list. I suffered an accident on the 15th that dislocated the pinky of my right hand. The temporary splint gave me movement in 3 fingers (I am right-handed). Using it though was a problem. Turns out that I tore the ligaments in my hand and now have a cast that prevents movement of any finger in the right hand. That has changed my list completely.

So I will start out with a mission statement so to speak. After all I have been thinking of this but need to make it more formal and write it down. The fact that I now have more time to read blogs and peruse websites has me thinking more.

The touching and eloquent writing of Vicki Davis always leaves me thinking. In her last post Blogs are not the death of writing but the evolution, she says:

However, as we move forward to a society that can send and receive education any place any time from anyone, the best teachers will become SuperTeachers and the worst schools, districts, and teachers may find themselves completely without a job.
You know, I thought I was a great teacher. I am in the sense I use critical thinking and I motivate students. But anyone can walk into my room, take the activities I made, and teach them. Yes, some of them are original but anyone can do it.

That makes me replaceable. Doesn't it? We all think we are irreplaceable. But we aren't. If the activities are reproducible by anyone, then you are replaceable.

So, my point: I want to be irreplaceable. I want to use technology to its full ability and continue to change with it. I want to make connections with other teachers in order to collaborate. I want to be an example of what it should be.

Sure it would be easier to take a paper out of the file drawer and just do that activity. I think I can do better and will be using this time to craft some great lessons using technology, authentic activities, publishing, and collaboration. I want to show that this is more than just using word, creating powerpoints, and iMovies. One of my students posted a discussion thread on my wiki about tech use in the school:

Macbooks-- threshold to the future or finale of exploration?
I love the all of the new technology in our school, I just don't understand why Mrs. Maine is the only one who's challenging us to use anything other than Microsoft Word. I feel that half of the teachers who have laptops in their rooms don't even fully deserve them, only because I honestly don't think they even remember they are in their rooms. I don't understand why almost all of the teachers that have them give us work to do on them that could easily be done in the Mac Lab. Why is it that there are so many programs on the computer that I've never even heard of, none the less opened before? We have the opportunity to explore, but if someone were to see us we'd probably get our computer privileges taken away. I think that if we could just take one day, just like the C4F teachers do, and have some sort of 'training' just to let us grow a little in our Macbooks, all of us would be a little more satisfied. And don't get me wrong, I do fully understand that this is only the second year in this program and that it will be growing, but don't you think that using them in the first place is the only way we can activate? And the educational part of it? If all the teachers got ahold of some type of discussion board, like the ones on Tiged, we would maybe learn something other than the vocabulary words in our textbook. I think that the only way we can learn something is by interacting with others and communicating, without being restricted by our Proxy Server.

I replied that the learning curve may be steeper for others. That really is not the whole story.

Cool Cat Teacher also references a blog post from Jeremy Zawodny: The 10 habits of highly annoying bloggers. Funny, but I must be one of them. Which ones have I modeled? Not creating all my own content. After all, I am just learning and finding my voice. Some bloggers get me thinking.

I also did not have a blogroll for some time but had one up there before I read his post. The last is an rss feed. I had one with atom but wanted to update this. Remember the balls in the air? Not all of them were being juggled smoothly.

So, now what? Better planning and management to keep track of all the great things I have seen and want to do. And finish what I start. After all, I am a list maker!

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  1. I love your writing and remember, although you've quoted others in this post, you've definitely created your own content. Great job here! And yes, spend time with your husband, these other things can wait.