Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Becoming a "read-write" individual instead of a "read only"

I read an interesting article discussed in the 21st century collaborative.

In the article is a great you tube video from Larry Lessig in Ted Talks. The video is here and I will not go into the discussion of the video itself as the 21st century collaborative post does a wonderful job of it.

What I will write about is what I am taking from it. Most notably that we are different from this present generation of youngsters. In terms from the video, my generation is "read only". We played music and video from whatever format was there that decade and found some way to copy it (sometimes). Our ability to show that off in any way was limited. If you look at how we learn, we sit neatly in rows, and we read, listen to lectures, and memorize information.

The present generation is a "read-write" generation. They remix video, music, information, and ideas into clever, unique works (though some students cross lines). They do not always believe the authority, they are not passive learners, and are pretty bored with the current stagnate way of learning.

The video primarily has to deal with how copyright law needs to change as technology is an evolution and so should the standards and laws change. I see this as another example as how our educational methods must change as we continue to teach using a "read-only" method with very little "read-write" opportunities.

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