Wednesday, January 30, 2008

PD for ME

Pjhiggins of Chalkdust discusses in The Major Disconnect his frustration with inspiring his teachers in the district.

When I think of my own practice, I wonder if I am doing enough creating of community.

He says: I am feeling the need to break the mold, to present a shift so sudden yet so necessary that teachers would look at it with both fear and longing–saying “I want to do this for my own development!” or “This has to happen!” But what it looks like is escaping me. How do you make someone feel like they need something?

Darren Draper also writes about in Educon 2.0: Fortunately and Unfortunately that

Mark my words: The EduCon/EduBloggerCon/Unconference conference model is the absolute future of QUALITY educational conferences. That said, I'd like to invite you to join me next weekend at EduCon 2.0.

I am now back from Educon! What did I gain from being at Educon?

I currently struggle with what I think I can be and how I can try to get there in terms of an educator and even a learner. Compound the fact that the genius that abounds causes my mind to reel with the insight and tools to transform teaching and learning.

Back in school, I am tempted to teach in past ways vs. moving ahead to where I am headed. The constant pulls and demands on time make it difficult. This is why I needed Educon. To immerse myself in what it should be and to connect uninterrupted with great minds and great ideas. This will be unlike any conference I have been to - where there are conversations. We were all learners and teachers. The way it should be and the way I want my classes to be.

Nagging in me is the fact that I fear I might not have much to say. Being there in the conversations is what was needed to bring the best out in me. I felt out of the crowd a little - let's face it, they were in the community much longer than I was. I still contributed and interacted and am the better for it. I also learned to listen and be a part of something so big it is hard not to take it with you and become something more than what i currently am.

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  1. I'm still processing my EduCon experience. It was rich with really valuable, thought provoking conversations. Meeting other teachers of similar passions about education and students, such as yourself, gave me a positive jolt of energy when I entered the classroom Monday morning to new classes of new kids for the new semester. I hope I can meet them with new ways of teaching. I'm working most on those meaningful conversations and a whole lot less on quantitative assessments. Can't wait to see what comes of it all, and I look forward to reading your thoughts on it as things evolve.

  2. Louise,

    Don't worry about not having anything to say. Trust me, it will come.

    In my case, I usually look smarter when I don't say anything. You know: stay silent and the world will only think you the fool. Open your mouth and they will know.


  3. Thanks to you both (forgot to comment on this - trying to be a better blogger!:)

    I should reread Darren's advice more often as I made some blunders opening my mouth!

    Great things to say from people I admire for their smartness!