Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another round of open pd!

Darren Draper and Robin Ellis are planning another round of open pd as discussed here.

I use wikis a lot (blogs I need to extend class use on), but I want to learn more. I am hoping to lear something new to make life easier. We can't learn it all on our own and the collective genius that is available during the pd is phenomenal!

The change to one hour is good and the time change may help. Though that will be time that we make dinner, the running kids around after dinner will not conflict.

Great idea for his district to participate differently as well - in the past his district was actually in the room while we participated from around the world. Now, his district will be doing the same (from home, classroom,etc.)! I have learned a lot and want to extend my knowledge on the topics from the other rounds. I am also anxious to see how this works. It would be an incredible model for our district to follow in providing professional development.

I am also going to promise to try not to multitask too much during the pd - except of course for making dinner!

, Robin Ellis , Darren Draper

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