Sunday, March 2, 2008

Businesses need to think quick. Should education?

Nancy Willard reports on her blog, about an article concerning the business world moving from a "broadcast model" to a "participatory model". Isn't this what we have been talking about in education as well?

Ryan Turner discusses the problems that companies face when doing things quickly:

  1. "Jumping on to the latest and greatest tools."
  2. "Not planning for the long haul."
  3. "Just because everyone else is doing it..."
  4. "How to tell if your successful"
I think I am guilty of all 4. However, I attempt #1 to try different technologies and keep the best (ex. wikis). Many do not make it to my students as I try them out first.

Though I always have an end in mind, it does not always go smoothly, but in the course of the project, many surprising learning opportunities present themselves.

I am really not a #3 kind of person. I think about it for awhile and then jump in when it seems viable and useful.

Assessment however confounds me as much of what we are doing is difficult to measure.

I am anxious to see how the business world as well as education manages the change from broadcast (lecture) to participatory (collaborative). I do know deep in my heart that we are on the right track and that change is necessary. I am not talking change in terms of using any and all technologies. I mean a change in the way we teach and have students think and participate. Technology used appropriately to that end will always be useful.

Or, as my husband says: "Choose the right tool for the job."

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