Friday, March 7, 2008

Dynamic student learning

Ryan Bretag's Aren’t Good Enough and Beth Knittle's Response...Aren't Good Enough is definite food for thought.

If our current use of web 2.0 tools still teacher contrived, is that really the best we can do?

When I started the wiki, it was mine and it was teacher controlled. Still some parts are clearly as they contain assignments, schedules, explanations. However, a portion of the wiki is living and dynamic in the individual student pages and the team pages. Their work on the collaboration of the team is ever growing.

As our district is looking at content management systems and potentially rolling out one-to-one computing, I wonder how my use of the wiki will change. Will I find something better? Will I like Moodle or Leopard or whatever comes this way? Will students find ownership in a vehicle that shows their learning and change over time?

What if every student had their own wiki? What if on the teachers wiki links to the students wikis exist? Can that be managed? Would the students take ownership and use it as a vehicle for learning? I would think yes, but we know that some students only do what they have to (and let's face it, they would do that no matter what we asked them to do). Over time, will more students appreciate use of a tool like this for their learning? Maybe more students would become motivated.

Students would definitely like a showcase of their experiences and learning. I actually asked my students informally. Some students said yes, very quickly and without thinking. Some students asked why would we want our own pages? Interesting.

So if not a wiki, what would it be? Is this a worthwhile pursuit? I think that use of the web 2.0 tools as we use them right now would be considered schooliness by Clay Burrell. Would a new vision transform learning to something different? Would this allow a shift to happen to more teachers?

Definite food for thought.

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