Thursday, March 27, 2008

My reply to Drape's Takes post

My response to Drape's Takes post concerning an educator who is appalled with his students' technology skills:

Sue Waters from Australia hits it on the head. I have also thought about the topic of this post as well. As a Science teacher, I like what Paul has to say. I have written posts here concerning thinking like a scientist and critical thinking.

I have had to let go of my assumptions and focus on teaching my students to think for themselves and become learners. There are tasks they are given and their work uses one specific tool - the wiki for publishing and collaboration. All the other tools add to how they tell their information.

No matter how many times I use it, I will not be the best at powerpoint. It is not what I like to use for most projects. I give students choices of formats as well.

Am I the best at this? No. But I am learning from my students as well. Even though my skills are more superior, what I had hoped for is now happening. Some of my students are problem solving publication of class content using new tools I have not taught them yet. And not from my most literate student.

Personally, my son (13) is far superior to his sister (16) in computer creation and use. She uses it socially - he creates content and on his own time. Not sure what the rest of his classmates are like but I will find out next year.

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