Sunday, March 9, 2008

On "The Future of the Newspaper"

Karl Fisch blogs about a conversation with John Temple from the Rocky Mountain news. Read the entire conversation here.

I found the entire blog interesting both as an educator seeing how another field is embracing change and as an environmentalist wondering how we can continue to use the quantity of trees necessary to print the daily news.

But, there is one line that caught my attention more than the others:

Embrace change find out where it takes you. It will make people smarter.

What a great statement. What are we afraid of learning? If I have learned so much in a year of embracing change, then imagine what it can offer to the students?

A second quote that makes me stop and think:

Think about: Is the value in the newspaper the paper, or is the value the independent, authoritative, verifiable reporting.

So to teach students to report and to look at more than one side of the argument is an important critical skill for life.

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