Monday, March 31, 2008

Student survey in Academic Biology

I surveyed students as to what they wanted to learn more about in the present unit as well as the rest of the year.

Additionally I asked them what they liked and disliked concerning the current range of activities in the classroom.

Here is what they said:

So what does this mean?

On the most part, students like working in groups. Of those that did not, they are probably in response to large projects. Even though they had small tasks attached to it, students have a hard time keeping track of tasks and seeing the big picture. I suspect that actually becomes easier the more they do this. Why? Perhaps they are so used to all the activities and bits of information they have learned have really been disconnected from the whole. (Learn it quick for the test - we won't need it later!) How can we change all of this if all classes change their approach to teaching?

My next step is to ask different questions near the end of the year.

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