Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where do you fit?

From Vicki Davis and Kevin Jarrett, I learned about a wonderful resource first found by Lucy Gray. From Kevin Jarrett:

The Technology Integration Matrix is a clearinghouse of technology integration exemplars featuring educators throughout the Sunshine State doing real work with real kids in real classrooms. At its core it is a grid juxtaposing “Characteristics of the Learning Environment” (Goal Directed, Authentic, Constructive, Collaborative, and Active) with “Levels of Technology Integration in the Classroom” (Entry, Adoption, Adaptation, Infusion, Transformation). Each matrix entry has an easy-to-understand indicator that concisely sums up what classroom use of technology “looks like” at that nexus. Even better, it provides links to detailed lesson examples, for both 1:1 and shared access classrooms, tied to state and NETS standards, each with a video introduction.

The pdf document is powerful and you can easily see where your district is and where you would also like to be. Simple, concrete, and powerful. For those wondering what effective technology integration looks like, this is a must see!

Note: I am still working on the Transformation column as I need to move more real world in all projects as well as connecting globally!

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