Friday, May 30, 2008

Future direction

Many of the comments on my blog have a certain commonality to them.

Many encourage my present thinking and reinforcing what I believe as I continue to mull them around:

From Vicki Davis in response to Creating Technology Toolbelts :

PD should become embedded in our practice not extraneous. And these tools should become embedded in the many tasks we do. We should be descriptive about what is to be accomplished and not so prescriptive as to limit it.

Cole Camplese commented in reply to Social Networking: Hype or Hidden Opportunity:

I am always a little nervous working with educators outside my primary area of focus, but am finding out how much we really do have in common. I'd love to find a way for us all to engage in a larger set of opportunities to get together and share ideas more often.

Chris Wherley

Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what you are doing. Do we ever know exactly whether we are doing it right or wrong. Keep moving forward until you find out. If you stop or stop trying, you will never know exactly.

Many encourage me to continue and not give up - to keep refining what I believe - and to continue to draw others in by being vocal.

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