Saturday, May 31, 2008

The rest of the comment challenges...

Day 24 Comment on a blog written in a foreign language
I think I am going to defer this to later. I know it seems an easy way out but promise I will come back to it.

Day 26 Exploring other ways to comment

Day 27 What do you communicate about your personal brand through comments
I have branded myself by using not my real name but instead using hurricanemaine consistently. I think through consistent commenting we can also brand ourselves however the same conversations over and over again without producing evidence, new discussions and ideas can bring a negative image.

Day 28 What's your blog commenting strategy

I would say I have focused on my brand (see above) and gaining the attention of the blogger. Additionally, by commenting I have provided a link to my blog for any reader who may be interested.

I do not focus on being the first person to post about something. I am trying not to post the same things to the same types of posts either. I focus on spreading my name around and not always on the same blogs. I really have never thought about strategy. I would like to be recognized more but why? I do want to work on the commenting strategy more in order to have some great blog conversations from really great people.

Day 29 Write a commenting guide for students
I am actually going to have my students brainstorm this next year. I began this year with a brainstorming session that my students used to create commenting guidelines for ning discussions. I may use a good and poor post/comment example to see if they can pick out some of the points that need to be made. These will either be written using google docs, or throug use of the smartboard.

Day 30 How can you use what you have learned about commenting to change your teaching
I know that commenting is difficult for most people especially students. Without direction, students will either give superficial responses or try to give feedback like a teacher (grammar, etc.) Students need to be taught to ask questions to elicit deeper responses. They also need to let go of the one person who can give answers and leverage the power of the network. I think their blogging like their learning needs to be more open ended and individualized as well as self-directed. Now hoe to get there I am working on. I think blogging like learning needs to be seamless and effortless.

Day 31 My top 5 lessons
I think creating commenting rules and a blog policy, learning to ask questions in my comments, feeling free to provide comments through other means, the concept of branding, and creating a post about the comments you have received were important lessons.

If I would have completed the challenge as it was laid out, I believe my gains would have ven been more. However, I let it slide and as a result learned but not as I could have. The lessons though will stick and I will be able to revisit them and continue to improve upon them. Even the 5 in 5 was a great lesson as I did my posting in about 24 minutes (I know my math - but that was the fastest I could go). I still commented more that evening as a result.

I want to thank all those who made the comment challenge happen and all those great bloggers who posted their learning. i have some commenting to catch up on...

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  1. I think the blog instead of a newsletter is a great idea, but the two may have to run parallel for a start. We tried to encourage blogging with all our staff initially, but had little success. However, as time has gone by and as students have got excited and talked about their blogs in other subjects, they are all starting to come on board. So, yes, for a start you need catchy, grabby items that will create conversations amongst other members. Comments need to be posted back and conversations start on the blog and it wont be long before many more will join in.

  2. Thanks for the great comment from someone who has already been there. I appreciate the advice as I am wanting to leverage some change next year.

  3. Hi Louise, for day 29--'Write a commenting guide for students' you said that you "may use a good and poor post/comment example to see if they can pick out some of the points that need to be made." I think this is an excellent idea. Perhaps the students could even scour some blogs and find their own examples of good comments, with an explanation of the good qualities. I'm enjoying reading your reflections on the challenge!

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