Saturday, July 12, 2008

Creature Creator and Spore

My son has been having a blast playing with Creature Creator. With this game he is able to make neat animals and customize them with a variety of features. Hie creativity can be seen here.

Spore will take these creatures and everyone else's and keep them in an online environment where they can interact and evolve! It is not out yet and he is anxiously awaiting (he has already reserved and paid for his copy). I found this cool gadget here:


  1. Hi! I'm currently in a graduate program for secondary education. I'm going to be a high school biology teacher and I just checked out this Creature Creator. It is so cool! Have you used this in any of your classes? Have you used other simulations like this before? It seems like it would be a lot of fun for students.

  2. Shannon,

    I have not used it yet in my classes. I think it would be great for general students. Being an academic bio teacher, I will need to see if it can justify the time I would need. I can see students using it to demonstrate how structure relates to function, designing a biome around an animal, etc.

    My son has had a lot of fun with it and I will be watching how spore adds to the experience. I can see even language teachers using this as a literary prompt.

    In your graduate program, do they emphasize any use of web 2.0 (or in this case web 3.0) tools?