Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Google's skill for the future

Colette posts what Google is looking for in future employees here at edtech vision.

Google knows that learning is lifelong and is looking for these skills:

analytical reasoning. Google is a data-driven, analytic company. When an issue arises or a decision needs to be made, we start with data. That means we can talk about what we know, instead of what we think we know.

communication skills. Marshalling and understanding the available evidence isn’t useful unless you can effectively communicate your conclusions.

a willingness to experiment. Non-routine problems call for non-routine solutions and there is no formula for success.

team players. People need to work well together and perform up to the team’s expectations.

passion and leadership. Be motivated by a sense of importance about what you do.

He goes on to say, “keep on challenging yourself, because learning doesn’t end with graduation.”

I like that last part. I mention that every year to students in my classes and even my Academic students do not believe they will need to. They already have the expectation that they are done when they finish high school or college.

Whether they have a profession that requires them to continue their learning, all students need to become life long learners in order to understand the world around them and make choices for the future.

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