Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wiki woman?

Not sure if I qualify as a wiki woman and know I have a long way to go towards true PBL, using student voice...

I was fortunate to be acquainted with Grace Rubenstein from Edutopia through our classrooms for the future coach, Missy Fedigan. She followed my ramblings and observed work in class during her visit. I shared material I used to present wikis at the One-to-One conference in the Spring and for technology training for my district. It was a great day. My students were great as usual and seeing their hard work appreciated was something.

I thank Missy for connecting me with her, my principal for allowing the freedom to use the wiki as a tool, and my school for being a part of Classrooms for the Future, which has been an incredible opportunity. I also thank Vicki Davis for inspiring me (she was mentioned and quoted often in the first Classrooms for the Future class).

What follows is a series of articles about the use of wikis. I know it seems self-promoting but not intended as such. This is intended as a thank you for those who stood back and softly encouraged (thanks, Missy!).

Ten predictions for the future of public education

This has some great articles in it and the links about the wiki in my classroom are in #7.

They can also be found here:

Wiki Wisdom
Wiki Woman
The Way of the Wiki

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  1. Hi Louise,
    Enjoyed reading about your use of wikis--but even more, about your evolution as a teacher. Can't wait to hear what sorts of proejcts you and your students tackle in the new school year.

  2. Suzie,

    Thank you for your great comments. Change is difficult but taking the plunge is worth it! I am still evolving. I would love to do a global project if I can get the ducks in a row.

    Thank you again.

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