Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stories of White-tailed deer

Do you have a story, viewpoint, or thought about white-tailed deer? Do you encounter them at some time? We are looking for stories from a wide variety of place and peoples in working with our class project.

My Biology class is studying white-tailed deer as a biodiversity problem. They are looking at issues from rural, urban, and suburban areas. As a class, they will hold a debate and each student serves on one of the 6 groups who have a viewpoint about the deer (homeowners, animal welfare and conservation, wildlife management, etc.) The groups and some information of the project can be found here.

Leave a thought, opinion, or story on this voicethread. We want to hear a variety, so don't be shy!


  1. Not sure this is the place, but here it goes:

    1) Venison tastes great, especially if from deer that graze on my friend's corn fields and apple trees.

    2) My wife and I almost met an untimely end while biking--we were flying on a mountain road when a deer stepped in front of the motorcycle. There are, frankly, too many deer.

    3) NJ has more deer than ever--and eventually many of the will starve. Still, hunting in a state that's more dense than China or India does have some problems.

    4) Yes, they're cute. So are baby chicks, piglets, calves, bunnies, and lambs. They all taste good, too. Not saying that tasting good is a reason to kill them, but also not saying that being cute is a reason to protect them.

    5) I am a retired pediatrician--I wish poor children (the human kind) got as much press when killed as the deer in a local county park get during the annual thinning.

    6) Completely off topic: I think it is unbelievably cool that the mayor of the town that has Punxsatawney Phil came to your class.

  2. Great comments It would be great if you can speak some of them to the voicethread. Click on the comment button (you may need to register which is easy) and then record your comment. It gets saved on the voicethread and will even play on the embedded one on the wiki too.

  3. On October 10, an Altoona area man was hit by a deer while jogging. The strange part is that the deer was hit by a vehicle that was passing near the man. Details available at