Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am pop-tastic

Claire Thompson nominated me for the pop-tastic award. The pop-tastic awards highlight bloggers that are not very well known but have inspired others in some way. Thanks Claire! The best part of the award (for those who think it is pretty silly) is finding other great blogs you may not have heard about.

Here are the Rules & Regs for the bling:

  1. When you receive The Award, please post it on your blog, linking back to the person who gave it to you.
  2. Please visit Veggie Mom’s Post , which explains the origins of The Award, and Sign Mr. Linky, so she’ll be able to keep a record of all whose Blogs are Pop-tastic! Feel free to leave a comment, too!!
  3. Pass The Award along to SIX Bloggy Friends, whose creativity merits inclusion in this circle. Link to their blogs in your Awards Post, and notify them that they’ve received The Award.
Here are my 6 nominees for the pop-tastic award:
  1. Mr. Chase
  2. Science Teacher
  3. Stop Trying to Inspire Me
  4. Everyone learns
  5. I hope it works!
  6. Candace Shively - love how she writes!


  1. Ha! Thanks!

    I've been under the weather this week, so feeling less than pop-tastic, but hope to continue the fun when I get a little breathing room.

    Just the thing for a January evening!


  2. @doyle As silly as it is, it can move people to look at different blogs and move slightly out of the echo chamber! Hope you are much better by now!

  3. Louise, well now I've got a few more feeds to add to my reader! Thanks for introducing me to some more great bloggers :-)