Sunday, June 21, 2009


As excited I am about attending NECC, I am very excited about Edubloggercon. I am looking forward to being re-energized with people that I follow, listen, and talk to. Many of these are on the forefront of educational change. I admire the work they do and look forward to meeting and discussing with them. I am also looking forward to finally meeting those with which I have communicated frequently or infrequently but have never met. Mostly:

Candace Hackett Shively - who has tirelessly dealt with site reviews for Teacher's First that need more work
Vicki Davis - I have followed Vicki for the last 2 1/2 years when I started reading her blog. Since that point, she has helped many educators with web 2.0 tools and I consider one of the biggest cheerleaders for those of us in the trenches trying to make change.
There are so many others that I will include in links later. There are also many others that I have met before who continue to shape my journey. All of them collectively make the journey worthwhile.

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  1. Sorry to barge in. I saw your wiki on edutopia and have a burning question. How do you add a Voki to the page? I have made the voki but am not getting it from there. Thanks. Love your stuff.
    Catherine Madnick
    Global Studies 9 Teacher
    Monticello High School
    Monticello NY

  2. There is an embed code that is generated that you can use to embed in many sites. For the wiki, you choose the little icon that looks like a TV (for wikispaces). When you click on it, you can choose the "other html" option and paste the embed code in the box. It appears as a square but once you save your page, it will show.