Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MySciLife grant proposal

I am really excited to have been working on a grant proposal recently submitted to the MacArthur Foundation. We are now in the public comment phase of the competition. If you have a moment to go look at the proposal and comment I would be greatly appreciative!

This blurb below was written by Candy Shively, one of the best people I have ever worked with and the Director of K12 Learning at the Source for Learning (Teacher's First.) she writes so expressively, that I am using her words:

TeachersFirst is very pleased to collaborate with Jim Dachos of GlogsterEDU, Professor Oliver Dreon, Jr of Millersville University (PA), and Louise Maine, noted high school science teacher from Punxatawney, PA on MySciLife, a truly innovative project to Bring Science to Life. The MySciLife entry in the MacArthur Foundation/HASTAC Digital Media and Learning Competition is now available for public comment here:

(In a minor technology glitch caused by the entry submission system, the html tags we used to make italics-- which WORKED in the preview function of the competition web site--- display here as funny little and markers.)

Please take the time to read and imagine how MySciLife could change the way students interact with science and with each other as they take on and LIVE the roles of science concepts. Your supportive comments and constructive suggestions are a vital part of the grant process, so visit early and comment often.

If you could pass this link on to others, that would be great!

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  1. Thanks for passing our "baby" along to your vast PLN, Louise. So many awesome science teachers will go CRAZY with MySciLife if we can make it a reality.

    And, for the record, working with you is ALWAYS a pleasure! If people outside teaching world ever knew the power of collaboration between creative teachers, they would harness us as an alterntive energy source!