Friday, January 1, 2010

Where is the change we have been wanting?

Will Richardson posts his loss of optimism for any kind of change in education. I have been feeling that too as can be told from past posts. I am not sure what we are doing, do not think we are doing anything right, and know we are doing students a disservice being in this path to increasing test scores.

So when I read Will's post and then Ewan McIntosh's here, I needed to record a bit here for my remembering later.

Specifically, that education does not serve our students and is counterproductive to change itself.
And then there is this quote from Seth Godin:

The problem is no longer budget. The problem is no longer access to tools.

The problem is the will to get good at it.

Really, this is a fundamental problem of young and old alike.

As everything else is failing around us, there are too many people who are holding on and waiting until things return to normal. That scares me more than anything. Now above any other, in every sector of our life, we need to be reinventing and becoming empowered to make a difference. Normal has been our problem all along.

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