Thursday, July 22, 2010


So what if you were called a genius? Would you believe it?

Elizabeth Gilbert believes so. She believes that all of us have genius and can tap into it.

What do you think ? How would this change education and schools if we focused on the fact that everyone had the capacity for genius? what would that look like?


  1. I believe people live up to their expectations and if you let students know the sky is the limit then they would set their goals as such! We all have a genius tendencies but it is finding where our tendencies focus for us personally.

  2. I had no idea that Elizabeth Gilbert is so funny. I think most of us measure genius by some number on a standardized test or the GPA reflected on our transcript and it is hard to remember that there is genius inside all of us, it just may not be in math or science or something we are tested on in school. Society puts a lot of focus on those that are "genius" in measurable and mainstream ways, while undervaluing those that may be genius in other ways. I think students feel the pressure to conform to society values and this talk is a good reminder to encourage and cultivate the genius in all even those in non-traditional forms.

  3. I feel that everyone has there own genius, even if it is not measurable in the same sense that we normally think of a genius. It is definitely important to find out what our students, and ourselves, can be genius's at, whether it be cooking, drawing, identifying musical notes by ear.