Saturday, November 19, 2011

Maintaining the status quo

So those who really know me know that I maintain what I need to do to get along but that I have very different values than many. Generally they have anything that has to do with the status quo. If it makes them uncomfortable then good. It is a sign that it is something that needs to be talked about but more importantly acted upon. I would rather make others uncomfortable than stand back and watch.

The events that have occurred at Penn State only serve to really throw these to the forefront. It was disheartening to see the reactions from many about it without really confronting what is wrong today. Very few schools really do a good job at stopping the bullying and other societal problems going on as it is pervasive in their towns and societies themselves. As long as we hide under the guise of "kids will be kids" and "people need a tougher skin" while allowing those revered by their status to get away with it only perpetuates more generations of the same.

Some interesting posts caught my eye that range from how sports have skewed college for everyone to the role of athletics and athletes in some high schools.

How morally wrong are we as a society that we forgot people who are abused, bullied, or harassed and focus instead on anger to those who are reprimanded for maintaining the status quo? Some interesting posts of viewpoints from readers can be found in the post Something is Rotten here at Penn State and this post that quotes

All they need is for good people to look the other way. And a cult of authority that never challenges...

I am very disheartened about not only these events but things I hear and see in communities. 19% of teens have been harassed or bullied according to this study. When did we forget that every person has value? What gives one person the right to determine the value of another? Why do we need more generations to have to go through this? and when will the adults stand and speak up, do what is right, and model better behavior?

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