Sunday, November 24, 2013

An Edublog Nomination

Think Like a Teacher

I am nominating a blog for an Edublog award: Best Individual Blog.

The blog, Think Like A Teacher (The TeachersFirst Editors Blog) is a great blog for dissection of various topics in education. This blog is affiliated with the non-profit TeachersFirst, and is a free resource for teachers.

Why do I like this blog? The message is always clear with clever writing to promote thinking about the classroom and everyone's role in it. Her thinking is our thinking. As the originator of #Eduwin, her blog celebrates the everyday successes of the classroom while encouraging Teachers to step out of our comfort zone just a little bit more!

 Because we all Think Like A Teacher!

*I have been woefully behind on blogging for some time, taking instead to a few tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook with items that I have been reading. My reasons are varied: same conversations over and over, not enough time to formulate posts, and a bit deflated with the test prep culture that has taken hold of the Biology class that I teach. Maybe I should start again.

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  1. Thank you. Louise.
    I have missed your blog.

    Perhpas reviving it with short posts elaborating on the great stuff you share on FB would help you share some of the passion about teaching and education that still burns. You could cross-post...