Wednesday, April 30, 2008

South Dakotas One to One initiative

Wade Pogany from South Dakota is one of the states ahead of the nation in one to one initiatives. His critical conversations session at the One to One laptop conference at Penn State had many great points.

The ideas that interested me:

  1. 5 day summer bootcamp when adopted
  2. they have to have a plan for continuing training
  3. state offers continuous training online
  4. summer institutes

This statistic caught my eye: It takes three years to even be able to incorporate laptops into a school. You go through phases of initial negativity, the use of the tools to just make a replacement for the poster. Need to rethink how to teach the shift in pedagogy - constructivist, pbl...

The third year is the hardest year. Some people start questioning what if it goes away. They don't trust that funding, replacements, etc. will be there. (My note: It won't be embraced if it is just a shiny toy. The shift in educational pedagogy is necessary for people to see that and understand why the funding is necessary).

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