Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Creating a climate of change...

Note: these are my notes from a conversation at a recent conference).

Kyle Peck gives us an interesting equation in his critical conversations session entitled: "Creating a Culture of Innovation: What are the necessary pre-conditions that make this possible?" during the recent Penn State One-to-One conference.

D x V x FS > R

  • Change happens when dissatisfaction (D) times vision (V) x first steps (FS) can overpower resistance (R).
  • It is an ache to do better that is the dissatisfaction.
  • The vision is what you are looking for. Need to see what to do to move into that vision. Need to have first steps. The whole left side is motivation.
  • Use this formula to manage the change process.

How do you move your school district?

  • Decrease resistance directly.
  • Enlist peoples special skills to reduce the left side of the equation.

It may be easier to change all of it instead of some of it. Systemic change vs. a piecemeal approach to change. Basically it is Evolution vs. Revolution. Need immediate changes (revolution) so an evolutionary approach is not the best (slow change that adds up over time).

  • Conversations are necessary to move individuals from the dissatisfaction as a needing to be appeased vs. a move to change.
  • Leaders use enthusiasm, hope, and energy in order to: understand change, build relationships, create and share knowledge, make coherence, have a moral purpose.
  • Members need to have an internal and eternal commitment
  • The results are in more good things happening and less bad things happening.
  • Need a network style leadership and not hierarchical leadership
  • Need to develop the trust and having hope that it will enact the change. Our reality is too much of a tradition of failed reform and therefore people mistrust. Create relationships especially those that are supportive and move ahead.
  • Create some jealousy (maybe read as "cool, I want to do that too.")

School of the future: Portfolio of education options. Students and parents can gravitate around the choices that are right for them. Education is not a one size fits all prospect for those involved.

There is a difference between change and innovation. Imagination, creativity, and innovation - these can all bring the change we need to see.

My note: I like sessions that make me think, challenge the prevalent thinking of the day, and can spark a great conversation! More of these conversations are necessary and actual talk on concrete examples of how these changes have been started and sustained in districts may help the viral spread of educational reform that we are looking for.

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