Friday, July 4, 2008

Looking towards setting goals...

A post at TechLearning here, discusses prefessional learning and asks all teachers to think about goals and practices.
They write:

Here's some questions teachers might want to think about:

  • What can I do to improve my teaching practice?
  • How can I find the gaps in my teaching that is affecting student achievement?
  • How do my goals align to my school or district goals?
  • How do I know which goals are crucial for my own professional growth and also meet the needs of my students?
  • How do I find time to meet my goals during the school day?
  • How can I add time to meet some of my goals after-school without taking over my personal life?
Great questions. Those of though who have been blogging already do much of this. It becomes pervasive and a constant thirst and strive for learning. But that is not enough. And just using technology tools is not enough.

I have been following Science Leadership Academy and their use of Understanding by Design (UbD) to develop curriculum. This will allow me to really look at where I have fallen short and create some goals for the next year (which we are asked to do as a faculty).

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  1. Louise, I think those are great questions TechLearning poses. I like the focus on being efficient and on achieving balance.