Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Technology and Global Awareness

Kristin at the Connected Classroom hosted a cover-it live session from NECC (you can see it here). A must see. In one of the projects my students worked on last year, our biggest obstacle was the ability to see another point of view. Not only are we UScentric, but in our very little town, it is more than that. They really cannot fathom viewpoints outside the homogeneous arena we inhabit.


  1. Louise I don't know if you saw the lesson we did using coveritlive with students for just that purpose

    I blogged about the lesson as well. Would love to connect you with some of my teachers next year

  2. Kristin,

    Thanks for the great link - I had not seen that. I will check out your blog post as well (summer is supposed to give us more time, right? That does not seem to be the case this year).

    I would love to work with some of your teachers next year. I have an idea for a global collaboration of an environmental nature. Am open to anything else as well.