Friday, December 26, 2008

Re-booting my life

I have been pretty blaise about my New Year's resolutions. Thanks to Zen Habits here are a few items for people to think about. See his post for more great ideas.

"Think small, act big." I usually do the opposite of this mantra. Maybe this can create a change as well.

He offers goals for Simplicity:

  • Reassess your mess. I do this a lot. My husband holds on to everything. I sort immediately and find homes for things we do not use.
  • Unwind your mind. "We spend a lot of time trying to organize and create more functional living spaces. But we often neglect the most important space we live in: our mind. Take advantage of the New Year to reboot your mind. Drop disempowering beliefs, drop negativity. Cull and remove what’s not working for you...Here’s another great resource: How to Organize Mental Clutter."
  • Reboot your bank account. I like the idea of "...develop the habit of being frugal."
  • Automate your answer. A lot of the time we hold ourselves back because we don’t have enough information, or we don’t know where to start. Instead of letting “I don’t know” hold you back, put yourself on the auto-response “I’ll figure it out.” Imagine what you could do if you did this. You might be able to have the guts to start that business you’ve been dreaming about. You could write that novel you’ve been planning. Or could you take that trip around the world you’ve been dying for. Make your resolution to not let not knowing where to start keep your from taking action.
I am always thinking...

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