Thursday, February 12, 2009

PA ban on "portable electronic devices" in schools

Hat tip to Teach42 and Jim Gates about PA House Bill 363. This bill will ban pagers, cell phones, and portable electronic devices used for recording video and audio. Not sure the why about this bill, but it really is unfortunate that we even have to hear about it.

A quick email I sent out to our State Representative:

As a member and educator in this community, I strongly urge you to vote against the above referenced bill concerning cellular telephones and portable electronic devices that record audio and video. As you know, some students must travel for athletic events and cell phones are necessary to coordinate transportation from parents. Additionally, by definition, the laptops that Punxsutawney School Board has voted on going one-to-one fall under "portable electronic devices." This is a giant step backwards in a state that is at the forefront of technology use and 21st century skills through Classrooms for the Future. The only way to assure wise and responsible use of technologies is through open discussion and modeling of appropriate use, not through the banishment of technology. We stand to lose greatly if this bill is passed. I look forward to hearing your viewpoints and discussion on this issue.

Louise Maine


  1. Louise, this is so out of step with where education should be heading! Many are predicting that schools will be moving to cloud computing and greater use of "netbooks" and personal electronic devices. I sure hope the bill will not pass. I'd like to know the why of this bill.

  2. Did you see this post by Chris Lehmann on the same issue?

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  4. This is unbelievable. Doesn't the State of PA realize that technology is here to stay and that it has been a major factor in improving educational systems throughout the world?

    I say that perhaps, a better House Bill would be, to remove all digital immigrants from the house and vote in new representative whom are digital natives.

    Only then, can the PA educational system start to meet the real needs of 21st century students.

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