Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why love Twitter?

All of those I follow have an unbelievable collective intelligence that I could not gain on my own. For this I owe them much thanks.

Get your twitter mosaic here.


  1. You are correct. There is power in numbers. Twitter is just a great place of sharing ideas.

    By the way, in addition to writing a similar blog to yours I used my graphic of mutual followers to create a background for my Twitter page.

    This way, people who never appear on my front page have a chance to be seen by others who visit.

  2. @nycrican2 Great idea. Will check it out. Mine is boring and have not done anything with the background. Maybe summer before I get to it!

    @doyle Now you know if I knew you were on twitter I would have followed right away! It took me awhile to find you and now you can follow me back! I switched the picture to twitter friends and THERE YOU ARE! Thanks for pointing out you were on twitter (how did I miss that!)