Monday, May 18, 2009

Fair use and education

A great educator and friend, Kristin Hokanson has worked tirelessly with the fair use controversy. She is well versed in and works closely with those protecting copyright from those it was designed for - the user. This press release explains remixing.

Her blog post Fair use is your friend is a wonderful explanation of Fair use. The following codes that are quoted from her blog are for use by all educators:
  • Commenting or critiquing of copyrighted material
  • Use for illustration or example
  • Incidental or accidental capture of copyrighted material
  • Memorializing or rescuing of an experience or event
  • Use to launch a discussion
  • Recombining to make a new work, such as a mashup or a remix, whose elements depend on relationships between existing works
As an educator, it is important to discuss the intent of the work to be created and the reasoning for using the item. This is a great opportunity for students to not be afraid of using items for remixing but also to be fully aware of what they are intending to produce.

Kristin has many great links to follow as well as this video which is a must see:

This is some great news for educators who have wondered what was considered able to be used and hopefully removes some of the fear in school districts.

There will be a great session at NECC. I have already signed up for the constructivist celebration that day and unfortunately will not be able to attend the session but hope it is streamed.

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  1. Thanks for the movie and the links. This helps to clear up some confusion.

  2. Your welcome. It is great that more information is available for educators. Lack of information leaves many feeling trapped.

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