Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some thoughts and ideas...

...disconnected I know.

  1. A great quote from TeachPaperless here.
    The fearful are afraid that formative assessment might actually be demonstrated to be more powerful than testing.
  2. I remember reading this early on in my teaching and I think we are even further away from being a critical thinker. In fact, it would seem most students think more critically these days than adults. Most adults believe what they read or are unwilling to look at a different viewpoint. Most students are labeled as uncaring, unmotivated, etc. I am beginning to think that they don't buy into our old media and equally old (and flawed) values.
  3. Big picture thinking which is difficult in high schools, is a reason why interdisciplinary and authentic work is harder to find. A great post here on the territoriality of courses in high school brings to light some problems.


  1. Steven Hornstra (Landgraaf, The Netherlands)August 2, 2009 at 3:04 AM

    In his presidential address at EARLI 2005 Dochy lets us know that the main purpose of summative assessment is not to support for learning, but rather selection and certification of students. Formative assessment, on the other hand, can be seen as a tool to enhance the instructional and learning processes. After all, the formative function of assessment aims at the integration of assessment and instruction.

    In my own recent research project “Competence-oriented learning in Intermediate Vocational Education: The effects of formative self assessment on learning and motivation”, I have learned that among “the fearful that are afraid of formative assessment” are the students themselves. In fact, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. After years of being assessed summatively, it shouldn’t be startling that those same students distrust the very nature of formative assessment. They just can’t believe that the results of formative assessment are merely used for the stimulation, facilitation and enhancement of their learning process. Sometimes they even accused the teachers of giving them grades secretly.

    In a modern, open and true learning environment there is no place for this kind of distrust and fear. Students should have confidence in the educational system to genuinely care about their learning processes. For being successful, I think there is still a basic need for formative assessment to convince the students of its true intentions.

    What do you think?

  2. Yeah, not so much with that post on high school departments. I got a little worked up about it earlier.

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